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    Scientists decode genetic secrets of the Great White shark

    I think this is not about "hybridization". Scientists have for decades tried to (ab)use the fact that sharks are apparently immune to cancer.

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    Just ordered!

    Resurrecting this, because I'm having trouble with modern style dive masks.
    Ideally, I'd like a huge glass that holds enough air to not injure your

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    forum layout completely changed

    update: nevermind. It's suddenly back to normal (I didn't do anything).
    Weird stuff.

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    New member and artist

    welcome! beautiful work. I own HFXmermaids- glad to hear one of my mers directed you here There's also a lot of great mermaid FB groups too!

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    forum layout completely changed

    The site suddenly has a vBulletin format which can't be changed.
    Everything that was convenient (newest threads overview on the right side, users

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