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    Hey there!

    What a nice collection you've gathered. The Finfolk tails are truly beautiful, but I can completely understand the hesitation the way things have been

    Saelyyia Today, 12:00 PM Go to last post

    International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association

    Hm. Sorry to revive an old thread, but here in Germany there is an event planned called "MerLympics 2019", set in Wolfsburg end of September.

    MermanOliver Today, 10:31 AM Go to last post

    has anyone else broken a Luna??? and fixed it???

    I don't at the moment, sorry. Basically I just added a tiny bit of sil-poxy into those corners in order to round them out and make them stronger.

    MeliPixie Today, 09:21 AM Go to last post
    Merman Storm

    I bob like a cork

    In terms of weight, silicone is virtually weightless underwater. It will not act at ballast. (Actually, it weighs about 5% of what it does out of the

    Merman Storm Today, 08:46 AM Go to last post
    Dolphin Man

    I bob like a cork

    I've recently started swimming again. I tried holding my breath to swim forward underwater. The problem is that I kept surfacing. If I were wearing my

    Dolphin Man Today, 08:19 AM Go to last post
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