MerNetwork FAQ

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What is MerNetwork for?

MerNetwork was created as a place for fans of mermaids and mermen, particularly those with an interest in costuming, to come together, both to share practical information on making, buying, and swimming in costume tails, as well to socialized and make new friends.

Who made MerNetwork? Where does it come from?

MerNetwork is owned joinly by two member of the community who wanted to create a place for the community to congregate and socialize. It does not change money for membership, though it accept donations.

Where does financing and support for MerNetwork come from? Who pays for all this?

This is a not for profit site, paid for by the owners and anyone generous enough to donate money. Google adsense is also used to try to generate money for periodic forum improvements and hosting. In the unlikely event that there is more money from adsense than we know why to do, it will be donated to an oceanic territory.

What is the history of MerNetwork?

MerNetwork was started in July of 2011, though it is the second generation of a board that was stared in January of 2010 using the free forum building website After the community grew large enough it was decided that it had outgrown a free forum website, and relaunched under the name MerNetwork.

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