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What are Pods?

Pods are groups based on location that enable people to connect with others in their region. The purpose is to encourage people to socialize, make friends, and build local communities.

Why can't I view the forums for the pods?

All pod forums are viewable to anyone in any pod. That means you don't need to be in the Pod of Cali to view the forum for that Pod; people in the Great Lakes Pod of Rocky Mountain Pod can view that forum too. But you do need to be in some pod in order to access that section of the board. The only people that can't view those sections are people that are not in any pod at all. The purpose of this is to ensure people interested in the pods officially join one.

Can people who aren't in a pod still view that pod's forum?

Yes. Members of any pod have full access to all of the pod forums. That means people in the Pod of New England can post in the forums for the Rocky Mountain Pod, and people in the North Pacific pod can post in the forums for the Pod of Texas- everyone in every pod can post everywhere. The only people who don't have access are people who aren't in any pod at all.

How do I join a pod?

To join a pod, just go to Settings and select "Permission Groups". From there you can join a pod. You can also get there by going to this URL:

Please only join a pod if you actually live in that region. You can also join the Undeclared Pod if you wish to have access to the pod forums but do not want to disclose where you're from.

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