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    Don’t Lie.
    Do not say something that is objectively untrue, or make deceptive claims about oneself or others. This includes slander and making accusations with no evidence.

    It also includes making second accounts without the permission of the admins. One additional account is allowed for tailmakers who wish to have an account for their business. In any other case, any user ...

    MerNetwork hosts regular challenges, where members are invited to post images and videos based on a given theme! The winner will have their image or video posted on the front page. Here are the full rules, and a list of all previous champions!


    Questions or comments about the site? The site owners can contacted by messaging either of us through our profiles. Or contacting the web master's email at mernetwork@gmail.com .



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    Here you can find a list of some of the major causes environmentalists, ecologists, conservation groups, and ordinary citizens are fighting for.

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    Here is a list of materials and supplies used when making tails and accessories, and where to get them.


    Article Preview

    MerNetwork is proud to announce the creation of networking groups for people based on where they live. These groups will be called Pods (naturally), and are intended to help people get to know who else lives in their region so that people can have gathering and mini conventions. The idea is to help build local communities for mermaiding, and for people to show some hometown pride. ...


    Here's a collection of links to websites related to the mermaid and merman community. Know one we missed? Leave a comment in the comments section!
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