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    K Swim

    Convincing an aquarium to mermaid

    I only do it as a hobby. I don't think I could ever do it as a career. But if I had a job of my profession at one of those types of places, I could slip

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    K Swim

    Ozarks (Missouri) Mermaids

    Much too far from eastern Nebraska, but it seems like it would be a good place to visit.

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    K Swim

    Need Help with Silicone!

    Neoprene and silicone? I don't have any advice at all about making, but would certainly like to see how that works out. Seems like it would be pretty

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    K Swim

    Does a silicone tail make sense for a hobbyist?

    I've been using a cloth tail from the2tails for about 3 years. Learning the skill was not easy, but I am better today than when I first started. Back

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    Mermaid Syriianis

    Started working on my Tail: So far i got the dummy [emoji322]

    I was sweating through the whole process of making it ;w; and i finished pretty quickly as well!

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