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    K Swim

    Best Moulding Materials

    Before buying a silicone mermaid tail, I attempted to make my own. Before I even started to draw a design, I wanted to make sure I would have all the

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    Mermaid Delphinidae

    Are we dying trend

    I agree with Trade Winds, you can't really judge based on the activity on this site because forum sites in general are dying out.

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    Mermaid Syriianis

    Started working on my Tail: So far i got the dummy [emoji322]

    I've completely colored my tail to how i want it and this will be my main focus for colors and shape~
    Im really happy with it, cant wait to get

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    Kelpie Thyra

    Heya, nice to meet you!

    hellow mer-hyena!

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    Mermaid Syriianis

    How do u feel about Cannabis...?

    LMAOOO im so sorry for your losS XD and that is wild :00 stay safe from the silly bois chasing the purple dragon

    Sent from my iPhone

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