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    Mermaid Syriianis

    Georgia Mermaid Roll Call!

    I dont have a tail yet but im in the process of making it throughout the year! Howdy Im a Kennesaw Mermaid!

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    Mermaid Syriianis

    Attention all Northern Georgia Mermaids!

    :000 Ive been looking for someone super close to me and hi!!! I live in kennesaw but im brand new and am working on designing my tail

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    Mermaid Syriianis

    Pagan/Witchcraft practicing Merfolk? Anyone?

    That is so cool! Ive never gotten around to pendulums, but i think they are super cool and beautiful :00000 and you have SOOOO MANNY[emoji177][emoji177]

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    First Lock-down period simple new mer tail [emoji4]

    I can use the machine (and I have one), but I prefer sewing by hand.
    It does take longer, yes, but I'm quite fussy and get mad if a stitch is messed

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    HiHi~ Nice to meet you all ♥

    Hello there and welcome to MN! There are a ton of great resources here about making your own silicone tail. Please post a thread in the tailmaking section

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