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    K Swim

    Lovely to be back!

    Just recently signed up. I look forward to reading about your progress in making a tail.

    K Swim Hoy, 18:58 Go to last post

    Update on the family portrait mermaid tattoo

    I had some updates done on the family portrait tattoo for anyone who wants to see. We colored in all of the dolphins, and other marine life (except for

    MermaidAsteria Hoy, 14:40 Go to last post


    Not a bit helpful for you but I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I don't live there anymore though. :/

    NeonHyena Hoy, 11:48 Go to last post

    Long time lurker!

    Hello lovelies!
    Im based in FNQ Australia and have been a lurker here for a veeeeeery long time. I love how open and creative everyone is here.

    Mintyyyyyyy Hoy, 07:21 Go to last post
    K Swim

    Need mermaid friends

    Sorry about your health issue and lack of places to swim. Good luck at finding some friends close by to assist you in living this dream.

    K Swim Hoy, 07:13 Go to last post
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