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    Corset wearing mers?

    Storm if you would like to chat you have my contact info. I've been corseting for the last decade.

    But yes, please be kind to your garment

    Saelyyia Today, 08:03 PM Go to last post

    Underwater Instruments

    I know the "underwater instrument"-mers will love this:

    I've done it (with a much smaller harp xD ), since I still

    Echidna Today, 05:13 PM Go to last post
    Merman Storm

    Corset wearing mers?

    One of the things I like about tail-swimming is the feel of the tail, the continuous hug it gives you. I've been wondering if I would also enjoy a corset.

    Merman Storm Today, 05:06 PM Go to last post

    Merbellas Thread

    Congratulations. Definitely post pictures!

    I only just realized I have moved into my 3rd year a month or so ago. Its very exciting. I'm actually

    Saelyyia Today, 02:01 PM Go to last post
    Mermaid Alea

    The ‘No Poo’ Method

    I have very thick, long hair that tangles very easily. My hair also gets oily very quickly if I don't wash it. Not only can I not skip shampoo, but if

    Mermaid Alea Today, 12:21 PM Go to last post
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