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    Kaila Mermaid

    Hello Fellow Merfolk!

    Welcome smolMerNerd! I’m down for gaming buddies! Which system?

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    Kaila Mermaid

    Vent about your health

    So I recently found out I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Raynauld’s Syndrome, and early onset Sjögren’s Disease. What the heck does this mean for my future

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    Old member new name!

    Hey everyone I was actually a member back around 2014 under the name mermaid isabel but I could remember my login information so I decided to make a new

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    Show Us Your Accessories! <3

    I also made a detachable cape for the paldrons with draped Pearl's on the back

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    Show Us Your Accessories! <3

    I think its neat to see the different styles each mermaid has! These are some things I made plus the octopus top I bought from Raven the shell paldrons

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