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    Kaila Mermaid

    Goth/Nerd Pod

    A mer of many faces here lol. I lean more goth/grunge/punk more often than not, and it definitely bleeds over into my mersona. Did a small little shoot

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    Kaila Mermaid

    New Mer from Indiana

    Welcome Scout!

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    MERMAID QUIZ! Which type are you?

    Very interesting quiz �� I got „Morgen Mermaid“ (the most ruthless and dangerous mermaid on earth). Good to know

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    Mermaid Whisper

    I received a bootleg(?) mermaid tail

    I purchased a bootleg tail just over 2 years ago, styled like a FinFun (I also own several of those). While all the fabrics (tail, slipcover, footpockets)

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    Super excited

    You'll not be disappointed I had my lessons in the Linden. I love it

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