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    Mermaid Delphinidae

    Vent about your health

    My fingers got broken about a month ago. I can take the splints off now but because of the damage to my fingernails, I still can't get my hand wet. So,

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    Mermaid Delphinidae

    Photo locations and hiking, HELP?

    It's not in a national park, but the San Marcos river is nice! The water is clear and the aquatic plants make for a lovely backdrop.


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    Mermaid Delphinidae


    I agree about bottom left, it has more of a siren vibe.

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    Where to print designs

    That would most likely depend on which company you end up with in printing the design. Different company, different specifications. It would be best to

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    Kaila Mermaid

    Vent about your health

    I am already for the most part! Just makes kids parties and events difficult, especially Renn Faire

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