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    Star of Karkinos

    Hello, merfolk!

    I actually came across a few of those drawings while looking to see if there was anything like a crustacean mermaid in folklore. I do think a lot of them

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    Mermaid Fina

    Seasoned mermaid. New to Mernetwork!

    Hello. I'm only a recreational mermaid too. Why I do it? Well...mostly because it's fun. And also i love swimming, diving, learning about ocean ecology

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    Mermaid Fina

    Hello, merfolk!

    Hi. Love the Ecco the Dolphin games too. Crustacean mermaid? Original and interesting. Some people on deviant art have made beautiful drawings on that

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    Star of Karkinos

    Hello, merfolk!

    Hello, merfolk! I just came across this forum a few days ago while I was looking up some stuff about seashells. I've come across videos of mermaiding

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    Aquatic Raider

    Any mermaids in or around Reno, NV?

    Same boat as Manlet! I regularly end up near Reno with friends (or at least in non-Covid times).

    Aquatic Raider Yesterday, 12:03 AM Go to last post
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