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New 18-01, 20:54
5 steps and I'm on the other side of the house
New 18-01, 21:55
Perfect for a small, cheap, window air conditioner
New 19-01, 04:08
Good morning everyone!
New 19-01, 04:19
Yesterday I had a chance to test my new neck weight at the pool. It is just amazing!
New 19-01, 04:20
Unbelievable how it improves the position in the water when you put the weight where the buoyancy happans (i.e. close to your lungs).
New 19-01, 05:19
neck weights are a thing?
New 19-01, 05:38
Less for mermaiding, more for freediving in the pool.
New 19-01, 05:40
But maybe something like that might be useful for trim adjustment, although most tails have the opposite problem, as they tend to be buoyant, as far as I can see.
New 19-01, 05:42
yeah al that vinyl and silicone is very floaty
New 19-01, 05:47
But it amazed me how much more relaxed you get when the trim is just right. And more relaxed equals longer dives
New 19-01, 06:13
I ought to start fiddling with that as I'm super bouyant to the point if I rest I'll just shoot up to the surface with a kick or two
New 19-01, 06:14
Planning on plaiting a paracord belt filled with copper pellets on a couple strands to see of that'll make a difference
New 19-01, 06:22
Be careful with weight experiments, always incorporate a quick release! And get professional help (a freediving course for example).
New 19-01, 06:24
And most important, have a spotter when experimenting. If you naturally float to the surface, it is not necessarily bad, at least from a safety poont of view.
New 19-01, 06:25
Raina did a video on mers and weights not long ago, that is really helpful.
New 19-01, 06:28
So, that said, the idea of a plaited paracord belt sounds interesting. If copper pellets will give you enough weight, I am.not sure. But it is certainly a less harmful alternative to lead.
New 19-01, 06:53
I go with a swimming buddy, and have been trained in diving
New 19-01, 06:54
I plan to incorporate a quick-release buckle, or a loop-and-toggle that can easily be yanked open
New 19-01, 06:56
As far as weight, I have a little three pound bottle of the stuff, and only figure to add about a half pound to the strand, so it's very little weight that'll hopefully be just enough to assist in holding position better underwater when I need to.
New 19-01, 06:56
The idea had come from another project I'm researching where the pellets were used to make the cores for nylon whips to give them that weight needed for the crack-producing curls
New 19-01, 06:58
Sounds good! Post some pictures, really excited to see it.
New 19-01, 06:59
:> I plan to. It'll be part of a costume ensemble I'm making for an upcoming group pool party. Being the only local mer, I figured go all out and modify a swim top into a tuxedo to be the 'hostess'
New 19-01, 06:59
Sorry for being so focussed on safety.
New 19-01, 07:00
No worries! It's understandable to have that reaction when someone expresses an idea.
New 19-01, 07:01
My swim buddy keeps poking local dive shops to look into my being able to renew my open water license since it'd been a bit over ten years since I last dove, but I'm not a stranger to hefting heavy things in water.
New 19-01, 07:02
And a coast guard friend of my roommate had expressed interest in my learning wreck diving for recovery work - this state is known for cars being dumped into lakes when ice breaks under them.
New 19-01, 08:51
New 19-01, 09:01
Revovering sunken cars sounds somehow scary. You never know what to find and to expect.
New 19-01, 09:35
Pretty much, and has its share of dangers. I like swimming and diving, but not sure if I want to go /that/ far with it
New 19-01, 09:35
Granted most of the time it'd probably be empty cars from people being careless, and recovering snagged mooring/anchors
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