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Thread: Pagan/Witchcraft practicing Merfolk? Anyone?

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    This is really interesting. I'm reading books about witchcraft, have an alter in my bedroom. I love reading things like this and about dreams and gemstones.

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    Welcome, the.tattooed.mermaid. Nice to meet you!

    What sort of things are on your altar?

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    that made me think of the time i caught my dog using the skull from my altar as a chew toy. soooo not happy, thankfully there were no teeth marks and i re-cleansed it with a ritual offering of apology. thankfully the deity the skull is for would have laughed their butt off if they could.
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    Heh, yes, you have to watch your animal friends around bones. When we still had cats, I always had to put small bones in jars and bigger ones up higher (way, way higher) to keep them out of kitty reach.

    While I miss the cats, I don't miss having to watch what is left on the altars. I never was able to leave offerings unattended for any length of time before. Now it is no longer an issue.


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