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Thread: GTA Mers: Dol-Fin Free to a Good Home

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    GTA Mers: Dol-Fin Free to a Good Home

    Would anybody like to try out the Dol-Fin?

    I'm moving, won't have room for it, and would love to give it to someone to try out for themselves.

    This is the rubber fin that looks like an actual dolphin's fluke ( ) not the high-tech hydrofoil fin that is also called the Dol-Fin.

    Note- one of the footstraps broke, so I jury-rigged a fix. You might be able to fix it properly with a little effort.

    You would have to pick it up. If we do a meetup to see Song of the Sea I would be happy to bring it and transfer ownership there.

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    Would you be willing to ship it somewhere?
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    Hey Lorelei, The fin would cost more than $40 to ship to the USA from Canada. Given that you can get one new for $80 from the website, with cheap US shipping, it wouldn't be worth shipping it from here.

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    Update: the fin has a new owner, Princess Pearl from Hamilton.

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