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Thread: TV Shows that had mermaids

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    Have you seen any movie about mermaids? Splash? Mermaid? This all relates to your question of where mermaids hang out with us and wear clothes. If you don't wear clothes, you cannot INTEGRATE with society, because society wears clothes. Unless the mermaid joins a nudist colony.

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    Now mermaids, unfortunately, are not popular on television. Personally, this really upsets me because mermaids are always popular with me! The Australian series H2O: Just Add Water was on TV a few years ago...about the adventures of three teenage girls who became mermaids when wet...but I had to buy the episodes on DVD so I could keep watching them if I wanted. to the fact that the series is no longer relevant... and the series “Siren” about a mermaid named Rin also ended...

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    Night Gallery. In the second season, there is an episode about mermaids


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