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Thread: Congratulations Jazz!!

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    Congratulations Jazz!!

    Jazz recently got awarded to be the new face of Clean & Clear! Well done Jazz! You are so awesome!

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    OH SNAP! i'm so proud of er :'D AND I DONT EVEN KNOW HER PERSONALLY.
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    she got her own show!!! I'm so proud of her and I hope nobody tries to make it weird. I'm so proud!!!

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    She's also got her own show and a bunch of awards. So proud of her

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    Jazz is so incredible and inspiring, she deserves it!!
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    That's so amazing!

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    They forgot to mention that she makes kick ass tails too!

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    Go Jazz!

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    Yay Jazz!!

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    Yay! Well done Jazz!!
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    I saw that on my Facebook news feed!!!!

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    It popped up when i was reading the news! YA JAZZ! Well done!

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    Its an awesome achievement WoW

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    2015 is really turning out to be her year!

    Although I bet shes got an earful for the politicians in Tallahassee about the stupid bathroom bill we now have to deal with here in Florida.

    She's going to be one helluva great activist for equality.


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