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Thread: Swim in Norcal?

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    It was fin-tastic! We were limited to two lanes, but they were wide and relatively deep. The pool staff and the other swimmers were really nice and interested in what we were doing. The pool water was great!! Very low chlorine and a little salt. It was nice not to have all my gear reeking of chlorine on the drive home. It was so kind of Freyja to organize this for us. Hope she does it again soon and you can make it

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    it was awesome!
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    I'm going to be in the area in September! The evening of the 10th of September and I'll be in and out of the city all weekend. I'll be staying in Menlo Park... Mermaid Belluine?
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    I'm hoping to organize another San Jose swim for September, so stay tuned! XOXO

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    Oh YAY!!! Hope I can come this time!

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