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Thread: Merbella Studios Experience

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    I lack an understanding as to why, that explains the silence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by auroraspirit View Post
    I lack an understanding as to why, that explains the silence.
    They get a ridiculous amount of emails every day, that would be why they don't reply unless a spot is open, you're a customer, or you have the money. They have to set their priorities for those people since they get almost too many messages to reply to
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    Well you didn't have funds and they make it clear current orders and people ready to buy get priority.

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    Oh my
    God please just can we stop with the common sense deficiency. Please. I seriously can't even.

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    Raina is right on all counts. I know you've read all this in the Merbellas thread when you first inquired. I know you are anxious to get a tail but everything all of us have said is quite accurate. They stay so busy communication isn't really something they focus on. They get such a sea of email daily and must sift through requests from kids, basic fan mail, and all the actual client email. Even those of us with tails on order frequently do not receive timely email replies (I've gone months at a time not hearing anything from them) it is to ask something they need to know for the tail or tell you your tail is in production. In the year I've had my order in I have only heard from them a small handful of times...maybe 6. Raina is absolutely 100% right and they say on their FAQ that they do not take an order unless you can pay in full at the time of order placement. It isn't negotiable. If you really want a tail from them, save up, watch for a slot to open, then email your order and hope you get selected. She doesn't accept every order when she has an opening, even from those who can pay in full, only the one spot. I fear emailing frequently and multiple times after Tyler was already polite enough to answer you once when you aren't a customer and they aren't taking orders will only get you lost in the sea of email they get and perhaps taken less seriously in the future when there is a slot open and you do have the money. I know the excitement and anxiousness is difficult but I'd save your emails to them for when you have all the funds and put in your subject line "Ready to Pay in Full and Order" and hope for the best. Emailing over and over will not yeild a different result in this case.


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