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Thread: Underwater Photographers Listing

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    Wow, Sarah Lee is FANTASTIC!

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    I highly recommend Dan Chase, he did all my UW
    Sf bay area, CA

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    Hi Jeff of Treasured Images loved that he was on this list...he wondered if you could add his actual website to the listing tho... heres the link

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    His websites been there All you had to do is follow the link of his name & it goes to his webpage.

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    Oh i guess he never clicked on his name lol i will have to mention that to him. Thanks Sirena

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    Not a problem Doll, oh sense you worked with him wanna leave a comment about your experiance so I can add another good referral under his name?

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    Jeff and Lisa were wonderful to work with. Not only was he a creative and off the wall photographer but he kept the conversation flowing so you never felt uncomfortable. He was hilarious! And Lisa is just a sweetheart. I am definitely going to work with them again

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    Sea Pearl - I am retired professional photographer and still have all my gear and my primary subject of photos is my seven year old mermaid. If you would like to do a shoot sometime let me know.

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    Thank you for the kind offer Christoper. I would definitely be interested in working with you sometime. I am a freelance model and am always looking to expand on my port, especially mermaid shots. What type of photography did you used to do?

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    Vancouver Island BC, Canada (makes trips to Vancouver and Victoria)
    seadance photography

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    Does anyone know of anyone who does work in the San Diego area?

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    Anyone know of photographers in the Cabo San Lucas area of Mexico?

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    Note that Action By Derek is moved to Washington State (Seattle area) and that Undersea Discoveries (Greg Amptman) is moved to San Diego CA

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    Are there any photographers located in Belguim?

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    These are just one's we've come across, and members add to the list as they come across them. You'd have to go look. They're kinda rare because of the expense of the equipment , which is also why average rate starts at $300 an hr :/ Good luck in finding one I think Model Mayhem is international if you want to check there.

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    Glad that Greg amptman/ undersea discoveries was added. He's great and I hope to book a shoot with him soon. His prices are very reasonable too.

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    Ali-c-ography has been changed to "AliciaUnderwater". Easier to remember

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    I am in Colorado Springs! I see you posted this in 2012, if your still around shooting underwater we should get together some time!

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    I haven't done underwater photography as of yet but I would really like to start come summer. I do on land shots at the moment. Don't know if this counts or not.
    I'm from Australia, victoria
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    We use an amazing underwater photographer for our mermaid course photos and general underwater photo shoots here in Cornwall, UK ...
    (also Al Scarlet photography for more of his portfolio).

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