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Thread: Pools in The UK.

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    Hey everyone! I'm from the midlands (Herefordshire), but go to university in Wales, so any pools around there would be fab!! I've swum in Ludlow Pool in Shropshire. Me and my sister went in and just got in with the monofin. The lifeguard just said to stick to the lane rather than in the open swim bit. We thoroughly enjoyed it!! But when we went to my university pool, we swum for about 30 minutes, then told us we weren't allowed it. I could also travel to Cambridge area to swim, as that's where my bf lives. Glad to hear some people have found alternatives!!
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    Found a pool they would let me in.... it's barely a foot deep. At least it's free though, but that might be because it's in a children's play park and is a paddling pool hahaha.
    God's I've been trying for about 3 years and taken a break the past year. Hopefully with the mermaid trend getting bigger I'll have more luck this time. 5th year is the charm as they say ^.^
    God I hate living in a small town

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    After 2 years I have just bought my first tail and wanted to see if there was any mers in South devon. I have been going to a private pool for the last couple months who are ok with me using my monofin. I'm also near the river dart which was perfect during the summer.Having to wait on first swim in tail though as I've picked up a horrible ear infection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SummerRogue View Post
    My local council run pool charges me £6.50 for an hour in my own lane, they don't let me swim without a private lane
    Can I ask how you went about asking them as I've challenged my local council. I've basically said that now mermaiding is a sport, they need to get with the times and accommodate for people who want to swim in monofins and tails. It's going really slowly lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SummerRogue View Post
    I contacted them about mermaiding and they looked into the rules and they only allow fins if you have your own lane.

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    Summer can you get a copy of this somehow? I need to put this to my council. Which is the pool that allow you to do this so I can put it to my local council too. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echidna View Post
    Ah, pools and rules
    Blargh. I could rant.

    If you can't find a diving group which will share their pool time with you, nor a hotel pool (aren't those really shallow?), maybe you can try using your tail without a fin.

    I know it sucks, especially if you have a heavier tail, but once they've grown used to you swimming with a tail, you can one day simply leave the fin in, and no one's going to be the wiser.
    Problem being like the pool near me your not allowed tails either

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    I dont Know if it helps but I am based in Manchester and I go to Bannatyne's Gym. the have no problem with my tails Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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