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Thread: Mermen and Shaving: How much?

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    Mermen and Shaving: How much?

    I'm still working on getting my own tail, but I'm curious. I'm Italian-American (with family from Calabria, Naples, and La Marche), and therefore, I'm pretty hairy. I've used wetsuits for both scuba and surfing, and like them, but I'm not sure how a tail would feel. Do most mermen here shave their legs to make the tails feel better when being pulled on or worn? How often? Does it depend on the material for the tail, and if so, how?

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    I was wondering if this would be about how big of a beard should a merman have. The answer to that is any length. Mermen can have as much or as little facial hair as they want, much like wizards.

    Anyway, the answer to your actual question is that a tail will probably be similar to a wetsuit in how tight it is and in how much friction it has. I don't think you need to shave your legs. I don't.

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    During the spring and fall I usually shave my legs/back to let my wetsuit seal better. (skin in style) It is a different feeling when freshly shaven. Just wish it wouldn't grow back so fast. It does also let you dry faster.

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    @malinghi Yeah, I deliberately left the question of "where" open. I figured that since depictions of Poseidon/Neptune/Triton/Enki/Dagon, etc. often wear beards, facial hair would be ok, and I don't really worry about my chest hair, but I'm less familiar with skin-tight materials on a tail, but I didn't see any other male hair topics on here, so I figured this could draw several of those.

    @Capt Nemo Now I'm going to start worrying about back hair... splendid Seriously, though, thanks for the suggestion... I'll definitely keep it in mind for when I get/construct my tail.

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    Female perspective here. I'm actually really uncomfortable if I don't shave my legs really well before I put on my tail. A tail is tight and has your legs rubbing all up against each other. For me, leg hair is prickly and irritating in a tail.
    That may just be because I'm someone who regularly shaves me legs. For you guys that don't, it seems to be different.
    Trial and error is your best bet because it really just depends on how You feel.

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    I imagine that shaved legs with a little bit of growth probably feel worse than totally unshaved legs.

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