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Thread: Yay for summer!

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    Wink Yay for summer!

    I guess the other side of the world are heading into colder water now, but (NZ) it's been lovely here for the past few days - looking forwards to getting out in the outdoor pools/sea finally! Anyone doing the ocean swim series? Anyone doing it in a tail?

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    ^ Lucky u! It's freezing here... ^
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    Man, you southern hemisphere people just gotta rub it in, don't you?

    Have fun swimming!

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    Woohoooo, we've already had some really lovey beach weather down here. Right this second the sky is covered with clouds (it is Melbourne after all...) but summer s definitely on the way and I'm so excited!

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    Right now my daughter and her fiance are over the Pacific, headed for Brisbane. She's going to spend Christmas with her future in-laws. That gives her an extra month of summer this year!


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    Yeah, we had rain today - but I made it to the outdoor pool for a swim and it was lovely =D

    We also had a few visitors in the harbor today <>


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