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Thread: Mermaids at Colossalcon?

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    Red face Mermaids at Colossalcon?

    I'm going to be starting on my first tail soon and I'm planning to get some practice in the pool beforehand, but has anyone ever taken their tail to Colossalcon and done photoshoots? For those who aren't familiar with the con, it's held at the Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky, Ohio and the venue is no stranger to people doing photoshoots in the waterpark during con weekends. I'll be going this year and would love to meet some other mers while I'm there!

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    This sounds awesome! When are you planning on going?

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    It's June 4-7 this year!

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    Sounds fun! I'm not sure if my tail will be done by then though.

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    I go every year, so perhaps next year! Or, the Kalahari is still open year round! lol

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    I live close to Colossalcon, so I go every year, and have worn my tail there the past 2 years. I always thought it would be a perfect, geeky mer-gathering place...but aside from Ariel and One Piece cosplayers, I never saw any other mers there. Would totally love if we could gather some more of us!

    As for photoshoots or where to hang out in our tails at the con, I've had the most success while sitting on the edge of the fountain under the stairs that connects the convention center to the hotel. Also in my experience, if we are planning on swimming or shooting in any of the waterpark areas (cause it's not technically a part of the convention), we may or may not have to get special permission to do so considering our getup. Last time they had us shoot after hours because they didn't want us and the vacationing families distracting one another, which I thought was extremely considerate. They're pretty cool about it yeah, it'll be fun. ^^

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    I might be able to drive up for Colossalcon for a day or two. I have one of the two piece Silicone tails from Mertailors I have been attempting to practice swim in.


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