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Thread: Classifieds Rules - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

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    Exclamation Classifieds Rules - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

    MerNetwork Classifieds Rules

    Disclaimer: This is just a forum for classifieds, we are not a shopping site. MerNetwork is not responsible for the postings and sales of these items. We take no responsibility for the description accuracy, condition of the item, any payment or non-payment issues, or any issues at all relating to the items or sales process that takes place here. That is the sole responsibility of the sellers and buyers. If you're concerned about buying something over the net, use a payment service that has protection built in, such as PayPal.

    • This is a place to post mermaid related items for sale. Please keep it to mermaid related items ONLY.

    • Sellers: once the item has sold please report the post (using the ⚠ at the bottom corner of the post) and in the reason field type "item sold", so the admins can update the threat title so people will know the item is no longer available. Please only do this after the item has been paid for.

    • Tailmakers are allowed to post here if they have a specific tail, that is already made, up for sale. If the tail is not already made, or if you do not have a specific tail that is for sale, please post your thread in the "General Commercial Tails" category, or in the specific category of "Tailmaker Discussions" if you have a category there. This rule applies to threads about seasonal/limited time sales/sale prices as well.

    If you are not ready to sell your tail/item, do not post it here. I understand wanting to gauge interest, but there are so many fluctuating factors that it more times than not becomes void or counterproductive, and just induces confusion and frustration. For example most people post a thread like that, and a number of people say they are interested, but by the time the person is ready to sell (usually months later) those same people often no longer have the funds. That is frustrating to the potential buyers and seller. ONLY post if you are ready to sell the tail/item now. If you ignore this rule and post a item that you are not ready to sell, your thread will be deleted.

    • If you have more than one tail or monofin available to sell, please make a different thread for each tail. This helps cut down on confusion in the comments, and also will make it easier for us to mark the items as sold once they are bought.

    • Posts selling batches of accessories are allowed, as long as they don't exceed 8 items in a thread. However it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the seller to update the first post as items are sold, to mark them as sold so there is not a lot of confusion as to what is still available and what is not. If you neglect to do this and there is too much confusion, the admins may lock your thread. When all items are sold please notify the admins using the report button.

    • Etsy shop promotion is allowed, however please only make ONE thread and update it with any additional listings. If you're only intending on posting one item, please follow the protocol to let the admins know the item has been sold. If it is a thread that you plan on updating with additional items posted on Etsy, there is no need to do so. Just be sure to have your thread title reflect that it is an ongoing thread for your Etsy store, and not selling a specific item.

    • If you list something on eBay, and the item is not sold (reserve not met, ect) and you relist the item, please do so in the SAME THREAD.

    • Posting for other people is allowed- for example if you see a tail listed on eBay by someone else you may post it here. However, if the item/bidding ends with 1 or more bidders, we must assume the item was sold and mark the thread as such. If it is relisted, please post it in the same thread, and report the thread (using the ⚠ at the bottom corner of the post) and in the field type "item relisted" so we can change the thread title so people will know it is still available.

    • Crowdfunding pages are okay to post here, however only post ONE thread and update on that thread. Bumping it once a week is allowed.

    • Please do not post voting contests here (such as the Mermaid Minerals Mermaid of the Month contest, ect). This isn't a place to ask for votes. Please post those threads in the "Everything Else" category if mermaid related, or in the "Just Talk" category if not mermaid related.

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    Iona, you rock.
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    Thank you Iona your awesome! just for my own sake i will post here on this thread or somewhere specific i want to add photo of neoprene sheet i want to sell?

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    If you want to sell something, make your own thread please

    Wingéd Mermaid Iona

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    Iona, I just wanted to sneak in here and tell you how beautiful your avatar pic is!! GORGEOUS!! I know this doesn't go in this thread just saw the pic and had to comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keiris View Post
    Iona, I just wanted to sneak in here and tell you how beautiful your avatar pic is!! GORGEOUS!! I know this doesn't go in this thread just saw the pic and had to comment.
    Aw, thank you!

    Wingéd Mermaid Iona

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    Hint for selling

    use to upload a pic of your image.. copy and paste the forum link.

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    I read it ! : ) and yes magical avatar vid you have there Iona <3 <3

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    Should we have a separate subforum for all of these ISO threads? It seems lately all the new threads in this forum are people looking for specific tails rather than looking to buy what's available.

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    Thank you! appreciate all the helpful threads for all that is mermading here.


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