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Thread: Where have you Dived?

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    Where have you Dived?

    Hey everyone, where have you gone S.C.U.B.A. diving, and what places do you especially recommend?

    Though I've tried several times, I still don't have my SCUBA certification.The first time I was pretty young, and couldn't pass the in-pool swimming test. The next time I tried, I wasn't able to get all of my certification dives done in time. The third time I managed to get all my dives done, but my instructor somehow lost my certification papers in the mail.

    That said, on my training dives and various resort diving crash courses, I have been on dives in Jamaica, Bermuda, Dutch Springs near Bethlehem PA, and off the Riviera Maya (near Cancun). The Jamaican and Bermudian dives were a lot of fun, and I even got to hold one of those delicate, spindly-looking red-and-white tropical shrimp in my hands in Bermuda.

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    That sounds awesome. I go diving pretty infrequently, but I've been diving in Jamaica, the Red Sea, and Los Angeles.

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    I've done discovery scuba diving in Australia, on the Great Barrier Reef. I stayed at Lady Elliot Island.
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    ive done my first dive in isla mujeres Mexico, then began diving off the waters of new york, Vancouver British columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Dominincan Republic. I am now ready to take a dive in Alaska and Australia.

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    ^ BRRRR! Alaska??
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    My diving is Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, various lakes, quarries, and under ice. No salt crystals to wory about, less lead, and nothing big enough to eat you. (though a few might try)

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    Well, legally (in Australia anyway) you must have at least your Open Water certificate to SCUBA unless you're with an instructor via. a discover dive. I started SCUBA-ing by doing a discover dive on the Great Barrier Reef.. and Townsville.. and then Vietnam... and then Singapore shark tank. It became cheaper for me to just get my certification!
    I've dived a bit around Australia because i'm lucky to be close to some of the best diving sites in the world. My next step is to go get my Cave Diving certification so I can start squeezing myself into tiny underwater passages

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    Unfortunately I don't have my certifications to dive, though I am hoping that after I'm done with College I can Visit my Uncle in the Caimans and he will teach/certify me.

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    See if the Phy Ed department offers scuba classes. Most colleges that have a marine biology class will have a scuba course.

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    i just did a scuba dive class and i love it!! gonna go somwhere in mexico for an open water dive once i get the money. i saw some places that were so amazing. they tell us. and i completely agree, not to touch the wildlife. ever.
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    Odette, but what happens when the wildlife starts touching you! I've been swum into by Cuttlefish, small Sharks and one time I was followed around by a Grouper the entire dive and he kept nuzzling up to me. It was sooo gorgeous :3

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    oh. that happens sooo often. dont panic. remain calm. and thats ok. just never provoke it. i work at a wildlife rehab and the more comfy they are, the more dangerous it is for them every state and coast guard i talked to it was rather prohibited or illegal. its a big issue with game and fish.

    A GROUPER?! CUTE!!!i hear they can be really pushy. ^-^
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    My experience is nothing compared to what all of you have had, but to me, what I had was really great! Back in December of 1991 I was in the Bahamas, and one day our boss managed to arrange for us to go scuba diving like he did the previous week. It was incredible! We took beginning lessons in a pool at a hotel. I have always wanted to scuba in a pool and that was f***ing awesome! I suppose I could have been ceritfied then but I was just learning about diving. When we eventually went out to the ocean, we went to locations that they told us where one of the James Bond movies was made(there was an airplane sunk just for the movie there), and also they said we were very close to where they filmed the movie Splash for the under water scenes. All in all it was a very memorable experience. I do not know if I can dive now, I am not familiar with the restrictions at this time. I really hope I can still scuba dive because it is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had!

    I would say more about my experience but it would be better said in person. I am bad at expressing how I feel to people. Even in person people have a tendancy to be negative toward me no matter what but at least I try I guess.

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    Florida, cozumel, gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas, pools, Weeki Wachee, and mammoth lake
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    I hope to go diving and get my PADI certificate at Curacao this summer. I'm taking my tail too, not to scuba but to free dive
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    I went diving around Okinawa where I got my open water PADI scuba certification.
    I am stuck inland for the moment... So it just me, my monofin & the pool.

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    JoyandRaptors, did you dive at some dive park in Bethlaham? I remember seeing a slide show about it at a dive club in college back in PA. They had a school bus, a fire truck and a helicopter that was suspended from floats at the surface. It looked pretty cool. Same one you dove?

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    I've always wanted to become certified in scuba, and this past February I was fortunate enough to try it in Cozumel, Mexico through a Discover Scuba cruise excursion. The instructor, Alec, was amazing: knowledgeable and fun! I'm hooked and cannot wait to do it again!

    I'm in the planning stages of another cruise and this time hope to take their onboard PADI certification course before diving in St. Maarten. *crosses fingers*

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    Being an Instructor I get to dive a lot ! My favourite sites are in Thailand - at Richelieu Rock, Beautiful soft corals and occasionally big things pass by - for great visibility ( and pictures ) Similan Islands are awesome ! great vis and beautiful dive sites with special creatures like ghost pipefish, seahorse, clown triggerfish, turtles and my have... NUDIBRANCHS ! ( great inspiration for tail designs with all the patterns and colours and shapes ! ) next summer Im back off to Scotland to finish my drysuit course
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