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Thread: Where have you Dived?

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    I got my Open Water certification by diving at a combination of the UAT at the Space and Rocket Center and a local quarry. I've also dived the Joe Patty Memorial Barge in Pensacola FL, which I highly recommend. It's like an underwater art gallery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateyMermaid View Post
    OOOOOO Shipwrecks in Lake Superior sound awesome! I would love to return to lake superior with dive gear.
    Hey @KateyMermaid, some of the best shipwrecks in the great lakes are actually in Lake Huron.

    Have you thought about going to Tobermory, in Ontario?

    It's quite driveable from Ohio, and if you google Tobermory dive trips you'll find all kinds of options for going diving.

    A hint. When I've gone to Michigan & Ohio from Ontario, I always cross the Detroit River at the Pt. Edwards/Sarnia bridge, since I've never encountered lineups there, and the customs officers seem to have nicer attitudes than some of the ones at the Detroit/Windsor crossings. If you take Hwy. 21 from Sarnia to Tobermory along the shores of Lake Huron, you'll see some beautiful scenery.

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    Cave and Deep Wreck, mixed gas and decompression certified. Dive Spots include Roubidoux Spring and cave system, Lake Superior Shipwreck preserve, Lake Michigan wrecks off the U.P. The Offsets flooded mine system in Missouri, drift cenote diving in Mexico.
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