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Thread: Where have you Dived?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateyMermaid View Post
    OOOOOO Shipwrecks in Lake Superior sound awesome! I would love to return to lake superior with dive gear.
    Hey @KateyMermaid, some of the best shipwrecks in the great lakes are actually in Lake Huron.

    Have you thought about going to Tobermory, in Ontario?

    It's quite driveable from Ohio, and if you google Tobermory dive trips you'll find all kinds of options for going diving.

    A hint. When I've gone to Michigan & Ohio from Ontario, I always cross the Detroit River at the Pt. Edwards/Sarnia bridge, since I've never encountered lineups there, and the customs officers seem to have nicer attitudes than some of the ones at the Detroit/Windsor crossings. If you take Hwy. 21 from Sarnia to Tobermory along the shores of Lake Huron, you'll see some beautiful scenery.

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    Cave and Deep Wreck, mixed gas and decompression certified. Dive Spots include Roubidoux Spring and cave system, Lake Superior Shipwreck preserve, Lake Michigan wrecks off the U.P. The Offsets flooded mine system in Missouri, drift cenote diving in Mexico.
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    I gone scuba diving in marsa alam, a small fishers town in Egypt, the hotel we stayed in was Gorgonia Beach.

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    Back when I was still certified it was off the Florida Keys with the Duck Key dive crew - it was a really fun time! Especially when you get to float upside down and tease the spiny lobster by lightly tweaking their antennae. I've encountered puffers, snowflake morays, a lemon shark, and once a widdle sand eel when I lost control of my breathing bouyancy and hit the sandy bottom.

    I only noticed the little guy staring back up at me from his burrow when I looked to figure the safest place to put down my hands for a light push as I had seen skates half-burrowed in the vicinity earlier. Very quickly realized this little pale face was staring at me about an inch from my goggles right before I exhaled. We both sat there for a bit looking at each other until I had to take a breath from holding it so long - then he zipped back into his burrow out of sight and I floated myself back up before continuing on.

    My only 'eh' about the places like Cannon Reef is the 20-25 ft visibility on most days, but I did see a massive remora swimming along when I came back up to the surface at the end of my dive. That was a little unnerving seeing this 5ft fish passing by with a distinctively shaped flat head o.o

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    Red Sea - Safaga (3 images)

    I used EAN32 to dive and got my certificate there.

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    Dive Spots like Roubidoux is one of the popular cave diving sites and cavern.

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    Thank but no tanks I would rather freedive. Places: Hawaii, Seattle, california, catalina island, Baja mexico, Playa del carmen, San blas islands in Panama, Roatan Honduras, Costa Rica, New york, Lima peru, Guatemala,

    Sealions in Lima Peru

    Edmonds underwater park near Seattle.

    Sea turtle in Hawaii.

    - sharks in Hawaii.
    Cenotes of the Riviera mexico Freediving a shipwreck in waikiki

    In my opinion, SCUBA is over rated. The big tanks, noise and bubbles keep most wildlife away. When freediving the animals seem to respect you as an aquatic species. The curious ones will get close to inspect you. And with a week to a month of training, Almost everybody can dive reacreational scuba limits on a breath hold. Plus the spiritual, mental, and physical benefits of freediving are way beyond what scuba offers.

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    So far, I've went diving in Australia and Phuket, Thailand. Both are amazing places. I saw dolphins for the first time in Australia and turtles swimming in Phuket. I even swam with some baby sharks in Phuket before! Amazing experience.

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    Only in my island of origin, Corsica. But many times same spot near my uncle house on vacation. It was very beautiful every time.

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