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Thread: North Pacific Pod Introductions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingéd Mermaid View Post
    You mean I get to meet my original mermaid inspiration??? Fangirl: OMG!!
    Aquarium meet up in Seattle on Sept 22nd. We're also plotting a big mid winter meet up with a huge indoor pool.

    We also have a FB group if you haven't joined it yet:
    I will definitely have to add myself to that group, I'm terrible at forums and didn't see your response until now LOL
    I'd SO love to come and do a meet! I haven't even been to seattle yet, I'd love to go to the aquarium too
    And I'd TOTALLY be down for some indoor pool swimming in the winter! lol YAY!
    Love being able to talk to all you awesome merfolk!!!

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    Hello I am an unnamed mer from Oregon... Still trying to find a name... Must say this pacific water is freezing!

    Well technically still tail-less...
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    Hello there everyone I am brand new, constructing my first tail right now. I live in Tacoma so I think this is the right pod for me. Very happy to meet everyone.

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    I live in Tacoma....pretty close to Seattle. I also have a house--so hosting a meet/bbq/fire pit party is a breeze. Very glad to meet you all.

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    Welcome! I'm an Oly Mer so sounds like we're pretty close! Don't forget to check out the aquarium meetup thread! That's happening this weekend.

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    Thanks Raayvhen for the welcome. Wish I could make the aquarium meet! Just got back from a whirlwind of is a wreck Cleaning for me, and tail design of course! Just ordered my first fin, finding the fabric, design almost complete. I'll feel like a real pod member here shortly!

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    Hi Seamist! We'll have to meet up at Iona's November swim. The Seattle meet was amazing; I can't wait to meet more mers
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    Just moved to Vancouver Island. Pretty cold for someone who lived in Va. xD I live in Courtenay, BC. A lot of Canadian mermaids live in Vancouver, though I'm the only one on the map. I think more people should sign up.
    Formerly known as Mermaid Serinessa

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    Hi everyone!! I'm brand new.
    I live about 40 mins south east of Seattle, WA. In a small town hardly anyone knows the name of XD But I do work in Bellevue, so I'm up in that area a lot.
    I'm really excited to get to know my pod in this area (since my family thinks I'm insane for wanting to become a mermaid).
    Give my facebook page a like and I'll return the support!

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    Hello! Im glad i get to meet mers from around here! I have always loved mermaids and have a couple tails and intend to make another.

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    Greetings all! I am known as the Krimson Kat in pirate circles. My mermaid name is MerKat. My 2 daughters and I have been planning our mermaid debut's for a couple of years and have just come out of hiding this past summer. My younger daughter and I have had the joy of delighting young fans in a local lake over the summer and are very excited to be a part of the pod! We live in Sammamish, just east of Seattle.

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    Hello! I'm very new to the underwater world of mermaids and I stumbled upon this forum through my doll collecting hobby, odd as it may sound. The idea of swimming around in a tail and seeing the magical light in children's eyes seems like a dream come true to me. I'd love to see a mer or two in person! Maybe one day I'll have my own tail but for now I'm just a mer in spirit. Oh, and I'm here in Portland!

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    Hi everyone! So, apparently I never really introduced myself when I first joined this forum a couple years ago (I'm pretty bad at posting, I'm more of a forum lurker but I'm trying to come out of my shell more, so to speak). I'm from Issaquah, WA, just east of Seattle, but I currently live in Tulsa for work But it sucks here so I'm moving back to Seattle as soon as I can, HOPEfully at the end of August when our lease expires. Just hoping I can find a job when I move back home :-/ Anyway, I've been obsessed with mermaids all my life, and I've been swimming with my Rapid monofin for a few years now and I just finished my first fabric tail. I'm going to use it for practice, but I also just ordered a full silicone tail from Finfolk Productions and I CAN'T WAIT! I would also love to meet other mers when I get back home! So many people here laugh at me for being a mermaid.

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    So I guess I ought to post here. Living near Portland, fairly new to the area still, originally from New Jersey. I don't own a tail yet but going to give a shot at making one once I'm better situated here. I've been collecting mermaid stuff for years and even had a fabric tail as a kid. Still need to get a monofin and find a good place to swim at. Hope to meet some of you guys sometime!

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    Re: North Pacific Pod Introductions!

    Definitely would love to meet! Where in Oregon if you don't mind me asking?
    I'm just north of Portland ^_^
    Good luck on making your first tail! It definitely is a fulfilling task lol
    And you're in the right place for resources and questions ^_^

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    I'm southeast of Portland by about 20 minutes! Its pretty bad that I had to google that, haha. I still have no idea where anything is here.

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    Re: North Pacific Pod Introductions!

    Lol I dread going into Portland cause it's so confusing lol I've lived in WA since 2009 and I still get confused lol
    I'm excited that you're so close! Yay for more mermaids in the north pacific pod that aren't in northern Washington lol

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    Hey everyone! I'm brand new, so I figure I should just introduce myself wherever I can. :P

    I think it's really neat that there seem to be a number of mermaids all in the same area as me. Where have you all been hiding?! I've been living in the Vancouver region for my entire life and have never seen one, lol. Mermaids are just very elusive, I suppose.

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    Hello I'm fresh and new here. I live around Portland.

    I tend to be busy, but would love to see some actual merfolk in my area-ish. Currently I have almost no support, and it would be nice! Anyway I'm loving the site and look forward to talkin with you lot!
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    Hi Jace! I'm from Portland too! SW to be exact. Where are you? I know of some pools nearby that allow mermaids, so maybe we could go swimming sometime!
    Octavia: got married! Saving for a new tail! >u<b


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