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Thread: North Pacific Pod Introductions!

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    What monofin did you get?

    Also surgery sucks, I'm headed in for surgery on the 23rd and I'm not looking forward to my recovery.

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    Finis Competitor I opened it a few hours ago and it is HUGE and I LOVE IT OMG!! I wear a size 6 shoe and the smallest Competitor is meant to fit a 7.5-9, so even though it feels okay dry I'll probably get some neoprene socks to wear with it in the water. My little feet don't even reach the drainage holes!

    If you don't mind my asking, what kind of surgery are you going in for? Are they at least going to give you the good drugs for afterward? (I barely remember the first 3 days after surgery because of the pain meds )

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    Awesome. That was my second choice but I just loved the shape of the merfin too much to pass on it.

    I'm going to get all the good drugs. I am having double jaw surgery and a septoplasty. They're cutting the bone and adding titanium plates to both jaws to move them forward.

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    Hello all the way from Alaska!

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    Hello Jory! Welcome aboard!
    Octavia: got married! Saving for a new tail! >u<b

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    Hello pretty ones! I posted this in my 'visiting mer' thread too, but I'm from Lake Forest Park, WA originally and have been living in Florida temporarily for the last few years... but I come home for 2 months a year, would I be able to join the Northwest Pod as well as the Southern Pod? My heart is still in the Northwest for sure and I come home often <3
    I'll be a Finfolk Mersister in January!

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    Hi everybody! I live in Eugene and I was super inspired by the mermaid lagoon at Faerieworlds. I'm interested in getting together to swim while the weather is still nice.

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    Hi there! I'm Nessa, from Vancouver, BC.

    I'm an unsure mermaid, but find it interesting and beautiful. I just haven't decided if it's something I actually want to do myself due to various reasons (shyness/anxiety being a big one!), but am tempted to try out a monofin. I thought maybe introcuding myself would be great though. It's awesome seeing some Canadian mermaids.

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    Hiya, folks! I actually joined this site two years ago, but I work a lot, so I'm just now getting to my introduction. I'm Alicia, and I'm an Oregonian Mermaid. I don't own any tails... yet. I'm also not a strong swimmer, but I love to go into the water, and I love visiting the coast. I'm only about an hour away from it, but I'd ideally love to live right there. I basically love anything relating to mermaids, and other water creatures. I don't know anyone where I live who's into mermaids, so I'm excited to talk t some people on this site!

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    Hey all I'm reporting in from Surrey, British Columbia. I'm new to mermaiding, just got my first tail in December. I've always loved mermaids ever since Splash came out but never knew you could actually make or buy swimmable tails. I would always swim underwater with the dolphin kick, pretending to be a mermaid.

    When i saw videos about Hannah Fraser, i decided to look into it a little more and bought tails for my daughter and I. I'm having a later start than most of you, I'm 37, but better late than never, eh *lol*.
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    Heya, I'm a Puget Sound local who loves reading, writing, horror, mythological creatures, and has the bizarre desire to swim like a mermaid. This new development about myself has annoyed my twin sister to no end, but what is a person without a few quirks?

    I've been lurking around on this board for awhile, mostly because when I joined I could barely swim. Suffice to say I'm a pretty proficient swimmer now and I also have my own monofin! It's awesome and I love swimming in it. I'm planning on making my own tail in the future. Not quite sure when though. However, I do have two types of fabric so hey, two different potential tails!

    I'm a true horror fan as well and I have a blog for writing fiction and discussing creepy subjects. For those of you that like to delve into the creepy parts of the deep, dark sea, here are some links for you to enjoy. Be warned! They are not for the faint of heart.

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    Hi everybody! I'm another literary mermaid in Seattle and have been writing underwater fantasy for nearly 10 years. Though I researched monofin swimming ages ago, I'm finally getting up the courage to give it a try. I'm not a strong swimmer, but pretty athletic, so if any of you are Seattle-based and have recommendations for monofin lessons, I'm all ears! Speaking of ears, if you're into underwater soundscapes for background noise, check out this cool deep ocean sound generator. I love plugging in to this when writing.

    Looking forward to meeting some of the pod!

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    Hi! I'm in the Seattle area too (Eastside) and I'm always interested in meeting other local mers! I don't think there's anywhere around here that offers monofin lessons, but pretty much all you need is a pool and a monofin, and maybe a friend or two to cheer you along! Do you have a monofin yet or are you looking to get one? I can offer you some tips and suggestions if you need. Welcome to the pod!

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    I know that there's freediving lessons in the area, but those aren't monofin-swimming specific. As Theobromine said, sometimes the best way is to hit the local pool with a fin and a friend.

    You're always welcome to drop in with me and my friends. We swim roughly once a week (usually a tuesday or a thursday) at one of the City of Seattle pools.

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    Man, sometimes I wish I was closer to Seattle.

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    Thanks for the encouragement, Theobromine & exdraghunt! I haven't got a monofin yet, but there's a FOIL monofin by FINIS loaded in my online shopping basket (along with some webbed gloves) and waiting impatiently. I noticed the 20% off deal through mernnet, so I'll make sure to take advantage of that.

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    Eek. I've been a little nervous to post here. Haha, mostly because I don't know what to say!

    Hi everyone, I'm Aysel. I'm from Chilliwack but I travel all around the lower mainland and frequently go down to Seattle (and occasionally Oregon). Uhm, yup! I'm so bad at these introduction things. x.o
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    Hi there everyone!

    My name's Whitney and I live in Western Washington.

    I was introduced to the community a little while ago when a friend told me about her fabric tail she made. I never really thought much of it until recently, when I was scrolling through Youtube and found a video on how to make tails from fabric. I immediately dove into research and decided I wanted to give it a try.

    I may be making a fabric tail soon, using the top of a plastic container for a monofin in the tail (because I'm very into saving money and I thought "What the heck, couldn't hurt to try!"). I eventually would love to buy a silicone one and make my childhood dream of being a mermaid come true, and possibly even perform as one.

    I'm so excited to learn all that I can, and I'm very glad that I found this community. This'll be a blast!

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    Welcome, Whitney! Whereabouts in Western Washington are you located?


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