A little background info: My mom and a group of others have been trying to get a shelter for my town off the ground for a few years now. Right now their goal is to provide a halfway house for cats, but they intend to hopefully create a full fledged no-kill animal shelter within ten years.

My question to you, my fellow NE mers, is would anyone be interested in participating in a fundraiser either late this year or next year (much more likely next year)? Obviously since it's for a non profit we can't pay you, so if you're interested it would help if you're fairly close (to Norfolk, MA). I don't know any specifics yet, it's just an idea I've been throwing around for a while and I though I'd see if anyone would like to join me!

Any type of tail is welcome, as well as any potential ideas. The possibilities I have so far are a viewing of The Little Mermaid at our library and then a "meet a mermaid" session after, an educational program about the ocean and it's inhabitants taught by mermaids (again, at the library), or a "swim with mermaids" day. The latter would only be possible if a lot of mers offered up their services as it would only be worth it to rent a pool if we have a big turn out.

Let me know what you think!