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    Riptide News

    Kishiko and and I have started up our mermaid news Riptide News. Our Facebook page is

    "Come one mer, come all!

    FINALLY! All the news, interviews, and special reports you need to stay up to date in the mermaid world, all in one place. We will bring you special features you won't find anywhere else! In depth reports on important stories, exclusive interviews, weekly ocean weather updates, contests, AND MORE! Sound good?
    So now you're asking yourself "THIS IS AWESOME! How can I see all your cool updates?" Well first hit that Button that says "Like Page" and then if you want, click it again and Check "Get Notifications" so you never EVER miss a post.
    Want to get involved? Have an awesome Story you think we should cover? Drop us a line! Message us here on the page or email us at
    We're just getting started, but will your help and a bit of mermaid magic, we can turn this into the #1 source for mermaid news.
    The Riptide News Team"
    Hugs, fishes, and mermaid kisses!

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    Sounds really cool! If you ever need writers for guest articles and what not, I love to write!!!!
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    Thanks Seavanna! We're really excited about this

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    Super cool, good luck
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