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Thread: Upgrading My Fabric Tail

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    Upgrading My Fabric Tail

    I decided to upgrade my fabric tail. It was the first tail I made and I admit it isn't very good. lol

    This is the tail as it is now:
    Name:  IMG_1257.JPG
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    This is what I want to do with it (Please keep in mind I am a HORRIBLE artist):
    Name:  IMG_1259.JPG
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    Using these sequins:
    Name:  IMG_1260.JPG
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    I'm starting now, so wish me luck!
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    Good luck! Your colors are interesting. I love them.

    Are you thinking about using paint as well? I'm just thinking that your fluke will be a challenge with sequins, but that's not a bad thing! I think it would look really cool either way.

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    Nope. Just sequins. It's tough going. I just ran out of E600, so I'm done for the night. I only got this far:
    And yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper under it. (So I don't accidentally glue my tail to my carpet)

    Name:  IMG_1263.JPG
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