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Thread: Adorable silicone sea creatures on Etsy!

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    Way, way too far from the ocean. :(
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    I must hug that shark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vrindavana Starfish View Post
    I must hug that shark.
    Me too!! I think I need one of those and one for my friend too! Maybe a good present... Hmm
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    i am here to say that Aysun's little shark is ADORABLE!!

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    That little guy is beyond cute! So tempted to order one myself but i am sadly, exceptionally broke.

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    Yay! found the thread!!! =D all your little critters are sooo cute! LOVE them!!! cannot wait to see what else you come up with =D
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    Let us know when your shop is open for orders again! I'm absolutely obsessed with collecting stuff cast in silicone and I'd love an aquatic menagerie to keep me company at my desk. they're all way too adorable <3

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    I have a bamboo shark from this shop and the detail is absolutely amazing, if you're considering ordering a creature from her, I totally recommend it!

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    Thanks guys! I'll put my shop back up soon (I'll try to remember to announce it here when I do), but right now I'm madly preparing for the panel I'm presenting at Emerald City Comicon as well as finishing up a couple things I've gotten a little behind on (argh!) so it won't be until the week after next at the earliest. I have a new critter mold I finished recently that I'll have for sale soon though

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    Holy cow!!!! PLEASE tell me that you intend on selling these at a mermaid convention.

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    If I ever manage to make it to a mermaid convention!!

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    That shark is so ridiculously cute! I must have one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theobromine View Post
    Thanks everyone

    Kaila Mermaid, I can and DO make cuttlefish
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    This is the one I bought, no?

    I love it! It lives by my keys and I pet it every day on the way out the door!

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    Mernetwork apparently hates me and never sends me notifications for replies to my own threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by PearlieMae View Post
    This is the one I bought, no?

    I love it! It lives by my keys and I pet it every day on the way out the door!
    Yes, that one's yours! I still have that pic as a stock image basically, and I actually follow that paint job now whenever I'm painting new ones because it came out the best! I'm glad he's well-loved

    Just popping in to say that, thanks to a brilliant suggestion from CoyoteWalker (who is extremely awesome) I've made a couple new items: critter stress balls! They're made from my normal critter molds, but poured in supersoft silicone so they're extra squishy and squashy and squeezy, and I made them in just shimmery relaxing colors instead of doing the realistic painted details (which makes the quicker and easier to make so I priced them a little lower than my other critters....which honestly, I kinda wish I charged more for because they take me so long to paint. Meh.) A bit different from what I normally do, but I really like them! I just did a couple of each for now to see how they sell and what colors people are interested in. I think the multicolor one is the best...

    Name:  blue octo 22.jpg
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    Name:  multicolor octo 22.jpg
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    Name:  toothpaste stingray 42.jpg
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    Listings are up on my shop (link in sig). I can make more colors if people are interested.

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    You can always up your price on the fancier ones! That is, AFTER I buy one of those super cute sharks!

    Re: Stress ball critters: I love the multicolor one!

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    XD I may have to do that soon, just to keep myself from stress-gnashing my teeth into a fine yellow powder :P ( But I might make some Mernetwork-exclusive coupon codes or something (if you can ever do that on Etsy, I dunno, I'm tired).

    Re: the multicolor octopus...I did that one last, then wished I'd made them all that way!

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    I'm down for a stress ball cuttlefish! I feel like that would be amazing
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    I always wondered if you'd underpriced those ones... Oh well. These new ones are really cute!
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    Theobromine, I messaged you!

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    Just saw this thread. Those critters are so cute! And I love the look if the kelp top. Might have to order one for sure. I've bookmarked your Etsy page so I can come back and buy to my little hearts content lol
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