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Thread: Adorable silicone sea creatures on Etsy!

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    Oh my gosh, Iona, that is wonderful! I am so jealous right now. I want one! And one of those octopus as well.

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    Omg! I think I might just order a top from you in the future o:

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    What a gorgeous top!

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    Thanks everyone I'll post more listings as I get them up!

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    That octopus is AMAZING. I definitely want one and the top is beautiful, well done

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    Soooooo cute lil octopuss!!! <3

    LittleOrca, I lolled so much for the image of the octopi rain in the wedding XD Whatta neat idea
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    Sorry I haven't gotten the octo listing up on Etsy yet, I've been housesitting for my parents and we're also moving soon so I've had to clean up our apartment for the pre-moving inspection :P Should have a much nicer studio area in our new place though!

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    That octopus is sooo cute! I seriously want like 7 of everything in your shop. Maybe charge $25-$30 for the octopus?

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    Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking 30 for the octopus, just since it's a more time-consuming paint job. I'll list them very soon, I've got a couple cast that I just have to paint the spots on. I also painted white dots on the bottoms to look like suckers (I went back and tested it on the first one I did) and they just look so much more complete now. I'm also experimenting with a way to make jellyfish with an air space inside so they float! I just finished a very rough test and it worked great! Needs refining to look more realistic (and balance the amount of floatiness cuz the silicone was a bit too thin and he's actually floating too much), but it works and it looks really cool! I put it in a mason jar on my husband's desk so he'll find it when he wakes up

    AND I finished my last tester kelp top! That will get sent off on Monday, so as long as everything's good with them, those will go on Etsy very soon as well!

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    Here's a picture of the underside of the octopus with the suckers. He's still basically flat on the bottom but the suckers give it a little more dimension. What do you guys think? It's not the most super realistic job ever but he definitely looks better than before. I welcome suggestions and constructive criticism though, since I'm trying to make my creatures as detailed and realistic as possible. I want to try doing two-piece molds soon too, so I can make things that are more three-dimensional.

    Name:  octopus butt.jpg
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    Whatcha guys think? Very rough test but it worked pretty well!
    Name:  jellyfish in a jar.jpg
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    that's adorable!
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    love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Orca View Post
    *Shakes fins at Iona*

    Curse you, mer-sister. I ordered a kelp bra from Raven with kelp bobbles on them like that, though reverse. How is it that we always seem to get the same stuff! XD
    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Orca View Post
    Your designs are different for sure. Iona and I just have this funny knack for always looking like one another in some way accidentally. <3
    :P Great minds think alike?
    When Cyanea said she was doing a top that could be made to any size I knew I had to jump on it! And she didn't disappoint! I like tops that can be custom made like these, cause then they can be made to fit my big 'ol boobies :P Where as most of the sculpted ones from other makers are a C cup (usually around 34-36 band size) or down.

    And OH MY GOSH love the octo and the jelly! I wonder if you could cast the octo in resin? Cause I'd love one to have in my hair but worry that the octo (at that size) would be too heavy for my poor super thin super fine hair. Maybe something to think on I think resin cast creatures could be a hit for hair clips n stuff!

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    Iona has epic boobs! I feel honored I got to decorate them

    I could make a smaller octopus that could be cast in resin. I haven't tested resin with the urethane I use for my molds, but we could do a small tester if you want. With the jellyfish I also figured out how to make air pockets in things, which I could use to make the current octopus lighter. He's still kinda big for a hairpiece, though. I just wanna make little friends and you all want to put them in your hair! Haha!

    Also...I was all excited to show Husband Man the jelly jar....he opened the jar to get a better look and discovered that the jar was once a pickle jar that had not been properly washed, so he got a noseful of pickle juice smell

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    BEHOLD! My newest creation! I just finished her tonight, pretty happy with how she turned out
    Name:  bamboo shark.jpg
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    Name:  bamboo shark 2.jpg
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    As you can see, I've made her three-dimensional! This was my first try with this technique and while she's not 100% perfect (I wish I'd made her a little thicker, oh well), it worked really well. I think I'll make another tomorrow! (Since my husband will of course steal this one and take it to work with him, because husbands.)

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    I want a whole aquarium of Sea Serpent Studios creatures. So cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theobromine View Post
    Iona has epic boobs! I feel honored I got to decorate them

    I just wanna make little friends and you all want to put them in your hair! Haha!
    Aw, *blush*

    Haha, what can we say? We like to take our little friends around with us!

    LOVE your new creation btw! So cool!

    Wingéd Mermaid Iona

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    Thank you both! I'm hoping to get the listings for both the octopus and the bamboo shark up tomorrow, and I have another creature sculpt halfway finished too!

    Iona, it doesn't bother me that you and other mers want to wear them in your hair, I just think it's really funny cuz I just want to play with them in the bath and stuff (does that make me a dweebazoid?)


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