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Thread: Rogue Siren Studios - Taking Orders

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    Thank you everyone! (A selfie stick is super helpful for some of these shots, Wesley. Hahaha)

    I should be open for more top orders late February and open for more tail orders late March. I will post here and on my FB page when I am. Thanks!!

    Though I'm still working on my site, basic pricing info can be found there:
    I love custom stuff though, so if I don't have something, please feel free to ask.

    Accepting Custom Silicone Tail Orders For $1400!
    Slots Taken: 3/3

    On Facebook - Custom Orders - Etsy

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    I love your work! Sign me up! What monofin do you use standard in your tails?
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    Ohh 0.0 Do you have a list of available fluke shapes? Or do they all have to be custom?
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    The silver tail belongs to my sister <3 I'm trying to convince her to make a mernetwork account, she can't say enough good things about her baby!!! I went to a different seller for my first but when it needs replaced I'll have to look you up again :3
    (also we swim for a local aquarium and THE TANK IS LIFE)

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    Rogue, I am sooooooooooo saving up to order one our your tail!
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