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Thread: Buying the best greenery?

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    Lightbulb Buying the best greenery?

    Where do y'all get your greenery for tops? I can never find anything that's not clearly land stuff, like ivy and such. I even went to the aquarium store and turned up nil. I'd like some water-looking greenery to fill out my new top by Saturday :P

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    Petsmart carries alot, even in store.

    Michaels carries a decent amount in their floral section. Look for the stuff labeled willow or such. Or ferns or tea leaves, etc.

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    Thanks so much! I musta overlooked that one at many plaaaaants, so confusing XD I will check both these stores out!!

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    I just landed a lot of great stuff at Michaels from their outsoor section for half off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caprica View Post
    I just landed a lot of great stuff at Michaels from their outsoor section for half off!
    Uh oh, looks like SOMEONE'S GOING TO MICHAELS! *gets shoes on*

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    I like hobby lobby the best for greenery.
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    I got some pretty good greenery from Ikea!

    It was pretty cheap too, each pot was about 3 dollars. That pile is made up of three fake plant pots.

    Sorry I just realized my post is no longer relevant as that Saturday passed a long while back. Oops!

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    The greenery I bought for my top believe it or not, came from Petco. I just looked around the aquarium/ fish section. They have a lot of cool patterns and each plant they use can be submerged in water without any problems

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    I love your top!! It's beautiful!
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    If you want to search online, try looking for fake ferns. They always look great.
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