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Thread: Mermaid tails for Dolls made by me ^^

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    Mermaid tails for Dolls made by me ^^

    Hello ^^
    I make mermaid tails for dolls ( more commonly called Outfits ) . I decided to show you.
    I do not do for Barbie , with some exceptions . I realize essentially for Pullip , Obitsu , Hujoo , Ball Jointed Dolls and Tangkou .
    I will present my creations to progressively .
    I make mermaid tail with fabric, or latex.

    Thank you not to take my models . These are copyrighted.

    Now this is a fabric mermaid Tail for Obitsu doll 27cm

    Name:  elyka_mermaid.jpg
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    Name:  elyka_mermaid2.JPG
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    Name:  elyka_mermaid3.JPG
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    Now, this is a mermaid tail molded in latex for Baby Hujoo Doll 11cm

    Name:  dsc_0029.jpg
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    And Now mermaid tail and top molded in latex for Tangkou/ obitsu 27cm and Pullip doll ^^ (don't use my logo)

    Name:  11256423_10206508178685894_1766813939_n.jpg
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    Name:  11208965_10206508184366036_2097576109_n.jpg
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    here you can see a video of a order I received for a client. it's for pullip doll:

    and others mermaid tails i made for sale:

    I hope you like it ^^

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    Very cute! I used to collect BJDs... I would have liked one of these back then!
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    Those are so cute! I like the little details you get on those tiny fins.

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    Cute! Could you make them for older Madame Alexander dolls? My mom and I happen to have an awkwardly large collection of Puddin dolls (circa 1965). Altho I don't know how well it's gonna look on their cloth bodies. Just a cute thought...
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    They are adorable!

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    Seahorse Mystery: I don't have these dolls. I make mermaid tail in latex with dolls i have. I looked these dolls on google, their pretty.
    but flat feet do not allow to have a tail latex .

    Here is the first mermaid tail i made ​​to order for pullip doll . The client sent me a photo. The rendering is top.

    Name:  11655588_1459171347734178_199749466_n.jpg
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    My new collection of outfits for Pullip doll. This collection is for Jolie Doll Shop in France ^^ hope you like it^^

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    What are your costs on something like the last photo ? Or one in material ? It would be for a Soom Lila doll which is i have heard a little taller than a Pullip. I dont have one yet but i am planning on getting one and i would love to make her a mermaid.

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    Actually i'm working on biggest moldes for dolls between 40 and 60 cm. I d'ont tell the price for now. I must finished molde and first tail for these dolls before ^^
    I make all mermaid tails for dolls in latex ^^

    My all orders of mermaid tails for dolls i made ^^

    Attachment 36525

    Attachment 36526

    Attachment 36527

    Attachment 36528

    Attachment 36529

    Attachment 36530

    Attachment 36531

    Attachment 36532

    Attachment 36533

    Attachment 36534

    And this is an order inspired by merbella studio. The person who want this tail for barbie doll, wanted a tail look likes her mermaid tail from merbella studio. I don't make a copy, this tail is only inspired by this tailmaker ^^

    Name:  12794588_766782863454615_8431435527240357133_n.jpg
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    Name:  12512263_766782866787948_42151876599947079_n.jpg
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    And my dolls with mermaid tail for me ^^

    Name:  12666331_10208415763574324_1289658368_n.jpg
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    So pretty! It's really neat that you're making such detailed doll tails

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    Thank you ^^ i'm working on many design actually for doll shops in France ^^

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    Those are really cute! I wish I was better at miniature work.
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    Hello! I am very interested. Could you please pm me?

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    I love them!!! Maybe in the future for one of my bjd's...

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    These are really cool and uber unique!
    Would you be able to make a tail for this toy?:
    It would be different and you would have to get creative. The voice actor for this My Little Pony character is a family friend, and based on a conversation we were having I've been looking to get a mer-pony figurine of his character. Cloth or latex works, though latex would be preferred so it could stick better.

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    Wow, these are so perfect and lovely! I don't know why, but when I saw the thread I didn't expect them to be made with latex, only fabric, but they look so much like the real size versions. Really unique.

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    Those are so gorgeous!


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