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Thread: MerNetwork now has Moderators!

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    MerNetwork now has Moderators!

    Winged Mermaid and I have wanted to implement moderators on MerNetwork for some time. After a lot of consideration we're finally ready to begin testing the waters with having forum moderators. The role of the moderators will be to help us perform basic tasks to keep MerNetwork running smoothly. By having more than just the two admins, we should be able to respond to questions and issues more quickly. This is currently a work in progress, so if you have any questions or comments about this feel free to talk about them in this thread.

    I'd also like to announce that the two moderators we have selected are Spindrift and Mermaid Wesley.

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    Oh, fantastic! I'm glad this has been put in place you guys do so much work on here, it's crazy not to have help!

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    I'm really happy to be chosen for this so that I can in a way give back to this awesome site that has helped me make so many friends, memories, and, oh gosh, tails! The admins work so hard and I'm very happy to help alleviate some of the workload. Thanks Malinghi and Winged Mermaid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maethor View Post
    What basic tasks do they do?
    We are meant to keep an eye out for rule violations and remind users of the rules, if the problems persist we are to notify an Admin so that they can take further action. (We wont be banning anyone or anything too severe) We are also able to move misplaced threads, help resolve technical problems, and approve tailmaker reviews. Other than that we are mostly around to keep an eye on things and are able to contact the admins if something needs attention. (If I'm missing anything or wrong anywhere, please correct me!)

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    Very cool! Good luck to you both. I'm sure you'll do great!

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    Congratulations Spindrift and Mermaid Wesley!
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    Grats you two!
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    Hi guys! Really excited about this. There's always more to do as the community gets bigger and I'm glad I can be of service.
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    This is an awesome idea lol I actually was wondering last night how I was supposed to get hold of someone to help out with a thread issue.
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    Great choices!

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    If you're ever interested in a third moderator, let me know! :P

    Congrats Spin and Wesley!
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    Congrats guys!!!
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    Hmmmm...I wonder if I can bribe Mermaid Wesley...

    (Congrats you guys!)
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    Very cool! Congrats, Spin and Wesley
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    Fantastic news!! You guys are going to be awesome <3

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    Congratulationsto you two, Spindrift and Wesley!

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    Excellent! Congratulations, Wesley and Spindrift!

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