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Thread: MerNetwork now has Moderators!

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    Congratulations, that's awesome! I know we'll all be in good hands with you guys

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    Congrats! I'm excited for this, and good luck with your new duties.

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    Congrats you two!!

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    I shall endeavour to not cause you any issues

    but seriously though this is a long time coming I am so glad to see two reliable people up to the plate. It just gets to be so much for the others at times and then for us long timers it's nice to have people who can move the clutter and help with newbs

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    I can't figure out why my profile picture isn't showing up unless someone clicks on my profile. It doesn't show on my posts. Also I posted a review in the Mertailor thread last week and it has not yet been approved. Can someone look into that? Thanks

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    I adressed that in this thread. Read all the way down.

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    Wesley! Whoop whoop! You go gurl

    formerly jayy
    cats cats cats...whats up with those things?

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    We have a new mod, Mermaid Lorelei! She's not afraid to bust some fishy butts down if you get out of hand either- so play nice! Thanks for helping out, Lorelei!

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    Yay! Welcome to being mod!

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    Thank you Iona and Wesley! I can't wait to help out!
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