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Thread: How do you lug around all your stuff?

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    How do you lug around all your stuff?

    So after my appearance at a pirate festival and having to lug around my home made bag full of heavy stuff that ended up bending my tail a bit, I've come to the conclusion that I need something with wheels that will fit my 25 inch tail. It needs to be stiff in order to keep my tail from bending, and I was wondering if anyone else has bought something that fits this description that they could recommend to me. What do you mers use to haul around all your stuff? What do you usually bring?
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    Totes and a dolly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    Totes and a dolly!
    Ooh, great idea! It also would make it easier to stack with it being square and such.
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    I bought a 40L bagpack last week, only because I had also bought a wetsuit, and my current bag didn't fit the wetsuit + winter clothes + giant towel and other stuff all at once!
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    I have a handler for gigs, otherwise, I have a sturdy landscaping wagon to either transport me or transport my stuff.

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    My collapsible trolly was the best thing I ever bought, use it for markets too ^_^. Last event it fit the marquee, my chair, 2 boxes of stuff, a tarp, a A1 poster and a table (tail was on my back with the blankets)
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    I've heard good things about Dream Duffel. They don't have the size I need though. I love their little folding stool though! It looks super useful! I guess I'm slowly working my way to being somewhat of a professional mer. XD

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