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Thread: brand new diver, and nervous

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    Aw crap. Isn't there any chance of getting an earlier dive slot?

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    Unfortunately not. They were booked through the next month and a half roughly, but the problem is that I'll be going on a family vacation pretty soon. Our dad wants to go cross country to where he used to live (plus, there's a REALLY cool maritime museum I want to see). We don't know when exactly we'll be leaving or coming back. One of the instructors said to just call when I'm back, and we'd set up a new schedule.

    I suppose the bright side is that I have more time to work on in-water conditioning, and look at updating my gear.
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    Keep at at - it can be so worth it. But it's also important to know your limits and stay safe.

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    me too just finished online now to get in the pool omg...>>>


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