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Thread: What is your favorite fish?

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    I've always loved veiltail goldfish, I think they look so elegant, like underwater models in flowing dresses ^_^. I like goldfish in general though. I remember as a kid going to the local funfair (for the first and only time) just so that I could win as many goldfish in a bag as I could because I was horrified at how they were being kept. My mum was fish phobic so we gave them to a neighbour who kept them in his pond. They grew HUGE! and lived for a good number of years until a fox or cat managed to get under the netting and ate them .

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    I would say Cuttle Fish and Lion fish are my favorite salt water fish. Now freshwater I love Muskie, Rainbow Trout, King Salmon, and Black Crappie.

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    I'm a shark girl. I think they are beautiful and misunderstood. I have gone diving with tiger sharks, shark rays, and back tip sharks in an aquarium environment. I would love to shark dive in open ocean without a cage.
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    I think my favorites are gobys and goldfish. Because there are just so many varieties!!! I also love sturgeons, cat fish, lion fish, and all cartilage fish.
    (Marine mammals steal my heart but they are not fish)

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    I've always liked koi fis as they seem tha have a lot of personality and look stunning, but I do also quite like guppies just as an asthetics point of view��

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    My heart is torn between whale sharks and moon jellies lol i really want to swim with whale sharks someday!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidLyra View Post
    My heart is torn between whale sharks and moon jellies lol i really want to swim with whale sharks someday!!!

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    Ooh I didn't think about whale sharks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Carly View Post
    Ooh I didn't think about whale sharks!
    To me they are like the cuddly teddy bears of sharks lol well and nurse sharks.

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    My favorite fishes are,
    Tuna, Squid, Hake, Salmon.

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    I like comet goldfish, sailfish, and porcupine fish. Porcupine fish are so cute and apparently very friendly to divers.

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    I LOVE octopi, cuttlefish, nautilus, and just any kind of cephalopod in general <3

    Also seahorses. All my yes to strange sea creatures <3

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    I think Salmon and sScallops taste the best.
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    I love koi carps and veiled goldfishes!!

    And salmons and rainbow trouts... are delicious...! XDDDD

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    Bleeding hearts, Catfish (the aquatic kind), and maybe those lil sucker fish dudes, they're adorableeee
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    Oh Goodness, this is difficult! I currently have a little beta fish named Sherlock, who has such a personality! I'd probably have to say he's my favorite fish... But, I also love Rectangular Triggerfish (My mother has quite the story about discovering these little guys while out snorkeling with their bright blue lips), Used to know several friendly little Blue Gill at the lake, local trout, Rockfish, and then I love your usual little aquatic life (Sea horses, baby squids, sea turtles...) Oh and I've met some pretty crazy Lincod! Ohh and I love Sharks and Rays! So majestic! I think that's a good list.

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    Way too many to count. I love clownfish for their personality (they're like underwater puppies, always happy to see you), and puffers for the same reason. Bettas are my favorite colorful freshwater fish, with fancy goldfish in second. My favorites, though, have to be cownose rays. They are extremely friendly and can recognize people, as well as beg to be fed. My overall favorite marine animal is the beluga whale (Though they aren't fish), because of the facial expressions and how graceful they are.

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    I like fantail goldfish, their tails are so transparent and flowing. I always think of the beautiful fish scene from Fantasia.

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    Last monday I went to the aquarium.

    I love the nautilus. They're so weird!! And beautiful!!

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    Some shark love: Spotted wobbegong, thresher shark, Great White

    Alligator gar, arapaima, Mahi Mahi, Butterfly Gurnard, black spotted spiny eel, etc.

    When I had an aquarium I only filled it with fish I caught in the bay. I would keep them for a while then release them and catch a new fish for the tank. I had a few types of fish in there but the gobies were my favorite. They were rather plain looking but I found them more interesting than the other fish.
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    Ice cap electric blue. Used to have one that whenever i walked in the door he would be at the front of the tank loved his color of blue with the whit head cap and tips of his fins.

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