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Thread: Anybody in or around Eugene?

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    Anybody in or around Eugene?

    I've been swimming at Amazon pool with my monofin and it's been great. Yesterday I started talking to the staff about merstuff because I'd really like to help get a policy established about tails and monofins before the trend hits here, which I expect it will do next summer or the year after. Is there anyone more experienced who'd like to be involved with this? I really think that kids' tails and fins are going to show up here any minute now and it would be great for the pool to have gotten input from mers before that happens.

    And if anybody wants to come share a lane with me I would love to make local merfriends!

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    Anyone? I'm interested in renting out Tamarack this winter - it's saltwater!

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    I saw a car with mermaid stickers in the MOC parking lot today - I am still holding out hope!

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    If everything works out I will be moving to Eugene in July!!!

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    I live in salem!

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    I'm in Beaverton. You guys have a salt water pool!?

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    I am in Coos Bay, I am new and don't yet have a tail.

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    Im in salem and hope to have my first tail by end of summer
    But next year i wanna get a whole bunch if mermaids together for photos i want a mermaid coffee table book

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    I'm in Corvallis some of the time, and hopefully going to be getting a monofin here soon. Planning out a tail currently- would love to know of a pool I can use it in/ would love to try talking to the staff about the ideas.

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    I'm in Coos Bay and visit Eugene about once a month for business/shopping. I have gotten a monofin and swam a few times at our local municipal pool to get some practice in. Loved it, just have to get my health and energy up so I can do it on a more regular basis.Great exercise!

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    Did anything get worked out at that pool?? Rules established for swimming as a mer? My pool is debating the matter internally and I really want to find somewhere to swim!

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    I am 30 min. south of Eugene in Cottage Grove. Just got my tail this year and have been hitting Cottage Grove Lake so far this summer. Would love to find some others to go swimming with me that are in the area.

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    Hello Mermaid Lorelei, I live in Eugene and would love to swim with other mermaids <3 I know you from Instagram btw, definitely a fan!
    Sabina Mermaid <3

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    Hello seakaren, I would love to share a lane with you! I live in Eugene too!
    Sabina Mermaid <3

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    That is awesome! Would love to get together for a swim.

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    That would be fantastic! Any spots in mind?
    Sabina Mermaid <3

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    I tend to swim a lot in cottage grove lake when it is warm enough.

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    Nice! That's a pretty quick drive for me. It's supposed to get up to 81 degrees the week after next so that would probably be close to our last opportunity for this summer, would that be a good time for you? My schedule is pretty flexible. Also here is a link I started for a swim I'm planning with a couple other Oregon mermaids:
    We're planning to go to the conestoga rec center in Beaverton on the 4th of November and you should come!
    Sabina Mermaid <3

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    That sounds like a blast! My schedule is pretty open. I'm usually available Thursdays and Fridays. You can also look me up on facebook: Jessamy Martin-May for our get together. I am def. interested in getting together in Nov.

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    Awesome! I won't get my work schedule for next week until Sunday night but I can trade shifts with a coworker if needed I'll add you on Facebook!
    Sabina Mermaid <3


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