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Thread: Refunds

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    I am so sorry about this, Jeff. There have been many fabulous toolmaker who have crashed and burned and decided to steal away with everyone's hard earned money. It is absolutely awful! I think that some mers are still trying to reach out to him and are slowly getting their money back, but I don't think the issue has been publicly addressed in a while. I am sorry for your son but I hope he still wants to enjoy the rest of what the merfolk community has to offer!
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    heart breaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Louis View Post
    We purchased a guppy tail in March and once Jesse received the money through Paypal we have lost all correspondence. He will not return e-mail messages. The tail was for my son's 9th birthday. My son used money he saved from Christmas along with money he received from family and friends for his Birthday to pay for the $480 tail. Based on the comments on this thread it does not look like he will refund my son's money. Not sure if I could sleep at night knowing I stole $480 from a nine year old.
    Oh my god!!! That's horrible!!!

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    That Jesse guy is a scumbag. Sorry for the harsh choice of word but to steal money from a kid is low... Very very low.

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    Each rip off story is worse than the one before. Ugh!

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    Still no refund ... I'm owed $2,400.00. I ordered 5/20/13

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    holy shit, 3 years later???

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    Yes, That was a lot of money for me to lose. In my case I paid via PayPal at Jesse's business website. I was so excited to order the tail. At the time I was on Jesse's waiting list just behind Christian. Then he made I think two more tails, bypassing mine. Then no more tails and no refund. I knew there would be a wait, but only later did I realize that the wait prevented me from obtaining a PayPal refund as it exceeded the PayPal 90 day refund limit. When my tail never came, along with some drama I've observed, I just didn't want to be a mermaid anymore. I don't trust enough to give that kind of money up front for a silicone tail, risking another financial blow. Jesse recently PM'd me on Facebook to say he's working two jobs and is going to pay me back ... as well as Mermaid Shelly, but he's done this several times.

    Recently I dragged out my tattered old fabric tail and went for a swim when I visited New Orleans. It encouraged me to go to work on my neoprene/Sequin tail (got supplies while waiting for the tail that never came) I had stopped working on it after I lost hope over the Jesse tail. I'm quite artsy and have a knack for sculpting so I'm also looking into making my own silicone tail ... many thanks to all the great threads here on Mernetwork.

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    I don't know if this will help anyone in the states but it worth looking into. I thought that this would fit under litigation but then i thought that it probably fits more into a scam. pay money then not received goods. this is Particularly centred for the USA residents that have purchased from this business.

    As for international customers, it can be hard fighting people in regards to a lawsuits. you can go and see a lawyer that can act on your behalf in regards to getting a message across to the person in question.

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    I'd like to happily say that Jessee DID honor his word and refunded my money. It took until now=looooong time but it did happen. I hope that gives others faith that he may come thru on all the money owed to mers. Good luck to all. And don't give up.

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