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    I had no idea we had a union pod of the northgroup lol. We already made a Canadian group. I think since very first day one of pod making us Canadians requested not being divided up, or combined with americans since there are so few of us ... And its not like we can hold meetups with people in those states . ( though I know that's not on you, you're just making a fb group... It just seemed like what we actually wanted and our input for pods way back when was ignored)

    It does look like christomer and other non pod members be posting tho... Gotta clean house!

    Thanks for taking the time to make sure each mernetwork pod has a place to network on Facebook.

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    Thanks Iona!!!

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    Wanted to add Pod of the Midwest, I just started it because there wasn't one !

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    Hi sorry about my ignorance but I live in Puerto Rico (Caribbean Sea) is there a pod for my region or should there be a new pod made to accommodate the members from here ???
    Im Merman Marinus


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