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Thread: A Christian Merfolk Fellowship Thread

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    I'm doing great! I figured here would be the right place to mention that my older sister's getting home from her mission tomorrow! It'll be my firsts time seeing her since she left 18 months ago.

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    Hey Mer-disciples I have been a member of Mernetwork for a while now and I just found this thread. I am a nondenominational Christian and have been since I was 4. It's great to know there are other Mer that share my beliefs.

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    You are never alone.
    There are about
    7,266,786,800 people in the world.
    So mathematically speaking,
    Even if your are one in a million their are still about
    72,667 people who are just like you.

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    I am good! I just wish the drama would sort itself out, but I know as the network grows bigger that is a harder task.

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