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Thread: Cartwright's 22mm Shell Sequins - See ALL The Colors!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNHime View Post
    Hello, everyone!

    This thread has been quiet during my winter season, but I have been checking in on mermaid things now and then. I just noticed last week that Cartwright has listed more colors. Not sure when they did, but for the sake of keeping this thread up to date, here they are! I'd like to say that all the images are taken right from the shop, as I don't own them... yet.

    What does everyone think of these new choices? More pinks, yellows, reds... Sort of sad to see more Crystal Opaques. They are gorgeous, but that pretty coating comes right off... Personally I'm very curious about the Satin colors. If they are made from a solid punched opaque plastic they may be the most durable color available yet, but who knows.

    I've seen a few new sequin tail threads using Cartwright sequins, but I don't think any were with the new colors... correct me if I'm wrong! Also, if anyone else has updates on how their Cartwright 22mm sequin tails are holding up please feel free to share.

    Lol, trying to find sequins for the main body of my tail before I order things is quite the ordeal. On top of the size debate, I don't know what colors to do anymore.

    I was thinking clownfish at first, but now I want to use those new metallics, Aztec gold, red and pink look amazing and I can just imagine mixing them together. (Maybe I can do that for the orange section, then mix a few different "blacks and a few different "whites" for the others. I think I would have to add a true orange to make that work...))

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    Does anyone have a photo of the 22mm sequins on a tail?

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    My sequin tail project isn't finished yet, but this vid features a tail using the 22mm sequins -


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